Healthcare & Benefits

Indiepay is the only entertainment payroll company offering eight national Cigna PPO healthcare options—because we know productions don’t always happen in your hometown. Our solution is flexible, customizable and tailored to meet the needs of your company. Indiepay’s comprehensive network offers hours-tracking, compliance testing, employee eligibility reports and notification, administration and much more.

Indiepay’s Solution Summary

  • Eight National Healthcare Plans (Cigna)
  • Three Dental Plans (MetLife)
  • One Vision Plan (MetLife)
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Short- & Long-Term Disability
  • Low-cost 401(k) plans, including full ERISA fiduciary and audit services*
    *Full audit services contingent on 100 participants.

No-Hassle Portability

Your cast and crew come and go with the work, but their coverage doesn’t have to. Our solution allows employees to elect continuing coverage between assignments, at their own expense or with a subsidy from you; both with no lapse in coverage when full payment of premium is made.

Employees will be converted to COBRA. Normal COBRA requirements apply when a person either resigns, is laid off or is terminated. Employers have the option to subsidize COBRA expense(s) at the individual employee level.

Benefits Administration Network

We make it easy to understand, manage and track your employees. The Indiepay Benefits Administration Network (powered by Benefit Reflection™) allows you to automate the process of benefits administration, eligibility notification and compliance management for your employees.

Employers enrolling for benefits must execute an Employer Group Agreement with Benefit Reflection™.

Retirement Plans

We offer access to low-cost 401(k) solutions which include full ERISA fiduciary and audit services.*
*Full audit services contingent on 100 participants.

ACA Tracking/Reporting Services


Indiepay offers the added benefit of tracking and reporting to maintain ACA compliance.