Stay ACA Compliant

Indiepay is the only entertainment payroll company offering eight national Cigna PPO healthcare options—because we know productions don’t always happen in your hometown. Our solution is flexible, customizable and tailored to meet the needs of your company. Indiepay’s comprehensive network offers hours-tracking, compliance testing, employee eligibility reports and notification, administration and much more.

ACA Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ACA?
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is part of the federal healthcare reform enacted into law in 2010. ACA requires employers with more than a certain number of employees to offer qualifying health insurance beginning January 1, 2015.
  • Do I Have to Comply?
    You are deemed an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) and must comply with the full range of ACA requirements if you employ 50 or more Full-Time Equivalents over a 12 month look-back period (the Standard Measurement Period). Depending on eligibility, employers may choose to “pay or play”—giving your company the choice to either provide healthcare to all eligible employees or accrue a penalty with the IRS.
  • Am I An Applicable Large Employer (ALE)?
    The initial step is a look-back analysis to determine ALE status. If you are an Indiepay customer with at least 12 months of payroll history, we can provide this service on request. If you are a new customer, we will work with you to extract the necessary information from your previous provider. If you meet the FTE threshold you may be required to provide coverage in 2016.
  • What Are My Responsibilities?
    If you are designated an ALE, you will need to track your workforce, offer coverage when an employee becomes eligible, monitor your company’s ongoing ALE status, and meet reporting requirements (Forms 1094-C and 1095-C). Eligibility and healthcare coverage must be documented for all common law employees; this includes but is not limited to active full-time, variable hour, temporary/seasonal employees, employees in a staffing arrangement, and/or employees in a co-employment arrangement (not applicable to loan-outs except under certain circumstances).
  • What Does Affordable Mean?
    ACA affordability rules require that the employee’s share for the least-cost plan option does not exceed 9.68% of the employee’s annual income.
  • How Can Indiepay Help?
    First, we can help you determine if you are an ALE for 2016. We have the expertise to help prepare your ACA compliance program around an easy-to-use platform which automates the entire process of tracking employees; providing notification of eligibility; online selection of medical, dental, and vision plans; year-end reporting and more.

Indiepay’s ACA Tracking/Reporting Service includes:

  • Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Testing
  • Automatic payroll integration
  • Custom configuration of Initial & Standard Measurement Periods

  • Notification of employee ACA eligibility, preparation & electronic delivery*

    *$0.25 per employee per paycheck. CA benefits administration, recordkeeping, and compliance reporting services are powered by Benefit Reflection™. Employers enrolling for benefits must execute an Employer Group Agreement with Benefit Reflection™. Section 125 plans and year-end reporting options are available for an additional fee. Administrative costs may apply.


ACA affordability rules limit the employee’s share for the least-cost plan option to 9.68% of
household income.

Indiepay can help you and your employees prepare for the cost of healthcare. For an ACA affordability and cost share breakdown, please download our free ACA guide below: