The all-in-one solution
for producers and production accountants

  • Multiple Project Reporting
  • Live Interactive Cost Report
  • One-click Access to Data
  • Automatic CASHét Card Imports
  • Tax Credit Module
  • ACA Healthcare Portal
  • On-Site Check Printing

Enterprise Level Features

  • Corporate Level Production Accounting
    With features like multi-project browsing, reporting and reconciliation, you can find the information you need quickly.
  • Powerful Accounts Overview
    View live totals of your Trial Balance, Income and Expense accounts in one click. Right-click and drill-down reduces the need to run reports.



  • Easy

    » Effortless-to-learn interface
    » Live remote and video training
    » Intuitive data entry

  • Quick

    » Change projects without logging out
    » One-click access to account balances and ledgers
    » Bulk transaction coding

  • Compatible

    » Copy/Paste/Import compatibility with Excel
    » Import transactions from online bank statements
    » Fully-integrated PCards

Flexible, Secure and Reliable

  • Adaptable Digital Solutions
  • Unique Show Setup and Configuration
  • Custom-Built Solutions
  • Real-Time Data Backups
  • Cloud Hosted with 99.9% Uptime
  • Customization of Roles and Permissions


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What our clients are saying about Indiepay

  • "Payroll has to be handled carefully, it has to be handled right, and it has to be handled fast! ...I've done six movies with Indiepay and I have never had a problem."

    —Sam Hoffman, Line Producer
  • "Indiepay has always been different from other payroll companies, like a company that had a face to it, that had people who worked there that are my friends. That has always been a big difference - they're a very easy company for me to work with."

    —Danielle Blumstein, Production Manager
  • "The reason why I chose Indiepay is because they are very sensitive to the client, in fact when you're working with them you're really working with colleagues. When you work with Indiepay, you're always dealing with the principals."

    —Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Film Producer
  • "Indiepay's cost reporting system just really works for me, it's sort of lined up with the way my brain works... I'd recommend you check out Indiepay, they have better rates and better service than any other payroll company."

    —Tony Hernandez, Producer