Our clients recently ranked Indiepay #1 in the quality of the customer service we provide. (2016 survey conducted by independent research firm.) We know our clients and understand their unique needs, and this shows in our ability to help get a production up and running quickly. Our clients rate us “without peer in customer service” and find that we bring to the table knowledge and guidance on such complex matters as accounting practices and union issues. And the productions we work with consider our paymasters the “fastest and most reliable in the industry.”

We take tremendous pride in the customer service we provide. We are an integral part of our clients’ projects, and it is our mission to provide solutions to their problems. Our hands-on approach and personalized service save our clients time and money and make their lives easier.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our clients. For more than a decade they have turned to us because of the outstanding service and value we provide. We look forward to more opportunities to earn their trust and their business.