How We Help Production Companies

It’s easier to manage your production when you have industry experts managing your payroll. We’re here to help you keep things streamlined, accessible and running smoothly. Our highly responsive service and best-in-class software let you focus on what you do best – produce great content.

Worry-free payroll

Your payroll has to be done quickly and it has to be done right. Our extensive payroll, production accounting and financial expertise save you time and money. A great paymaster improves your project, and our experienced paymasters have long-standing relationships with producers and a reputation for efficiency, responsiveness and attention to detail. Many of the best productions in the industry turn to Indiepay for worry-free payroll services.

Discover opportunities to save

Payroll costs represent a significant portion of your project’s budget, and handling them correctly and efficiently is a complex process. We can maximize your savings and handle all of your administrative needs. We take the time to fully understand your project so that you wind up with the most cost-effective structure for the state you are shooting in.

Accountants love Indieware

Your accounting department has enough to do without having to learn a complicated new software system. You’ll find Indieware flexible, intuitive, fast and powerful. And you have all the information you need at your fingertips, including live interactive cost reports, multiple project reporting and one-click access to data. Indieware is easy to learn and generates reports quickly, so your accountants spend less time waiting for their software to catch up.

Take advantage of our premium service

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