How We Help Financiers

Comprehensive Tax Credit Management

You expect full transparency and active monitoring of your investments. Indiepay’s direct access to a production’s accounting data and our direct communication with production teams mean you work with us directly and know in a moment’s notice where your investment stands.

Protect your collateral

A project’s books and records are your loan collateral and it’s paramount that their integrity is maintained to protect your investment. Let us manage the complexity for you. We simplify things with a single point of contact, complete process coordination and monitoring. You get instant snapshots of where the tax credit stands and projections of the final value based on the production schedule. With lndiepay, you know the status of the production at all times.

Third-party tax credit review

You need accurate information and an objective pre-closing estimate when you’re deciding how to invest your money. That’s why you receive our opinion letter before you close financing. We base our independent estimates on years of experience with project budgets, locations and profiles just like yours, and we back check your likely recovery against a growing database of historical outcomes. And because we know the statutes inside and out, the time you spend overseeing your investment is reduced.

Time is money

A faster portfolio turn means you receive the return on your investment more quickly. Our budget-to-delivery management of your tax credit needs provides faster redemptions and loan repayment, shortening your portfolio duration and improving your returns. And when you work with Indiepay for your post-production accounting, we complete the process – coordinating with state CPAs, tax credit brokers and state agencies to deliver funds to both you and the production.

Take advantage of our premium service

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