Our Story

From the first take all the way to residuals and beyond, Indiepay is a trusted partner for production executives, line producers and production accountants. We are attuned to the unique circumstances of media productions and their payroll, tax compliance and accounting challenges.


We understand the daily complications production decision-makers face. Our founder, John Finn, has more than 20 years of industry experience. During this time, John has developed a profound understanding of the ins and outs of media productions. After running a successful production accounting company for many years, John realized that the company provided only a part of the services that producers need for their productions. To bridge this gap, John created Indiepay in 2005 to manage production payroll.

Soon after conception, Indiepay distinguished itself from the crowd with our efficient, reliable and economical offering of best-in-class service. From the beginning, we have challenged many of the established practices in the entertainment payroll industry. We started by redefining industry payroll practices with our IndieModel™. In contrast to the standard “Employer of Record” payroll model, the IndieModel™ puts the financial reins in the hands of the producer, saving thousands in unnecessary fringe charges.