After several years working as a certified public accountant at KPMG in upstate New York, John Finn felt the pull of the city. He headed to the metropolis in the mid ’90s to try his hand at film accounting.

During his years as a freelancer, Finn spent his time immersed in production and post-production accounting. He would use this invaluable experience to start and run his own show — JFA Production Accounting.

With Finn at the helm, JFA jumped out of the gate in 1998, and quickly met with success. Clients stacked up on his roster, the result of a full array of production services delivered quickly and conscientiously. After years of shepherding countless film and television budgets to their final destination, Finn observed that producers were spending an inordinate amount of money on payroll, taking precious dollars away from their creative endeavors on set. Long before bundling became a household word, Finn saw the simplicity and savings in combining payroll services with accounting. In 2004, he created his own payroll company to dovetail with JFA’s accounting services. Indiepay was born.

A desire to further refine entertainment industry accounting processes led Finn to collaborate on and develop Indieware™, a double-entry software system.

It’s not a steady diet of technology and numbers for Finn. When he clears his desk of spreadsheets, he picks up the bass guitar and plays front man for Esquela, an Americana band with a small but loyal fan base. His love of music blossomed into an annual festival called Livestock, where local and regional bands gather for a daylong celebration of music, food and drink. The music making takes place on his upstate 30-acre spread, a return to the tight-knit community where he spent his childhood. Finn raises his two daughters here, gathering inspiration for the next creative endeavor.

Favorite Films: Brewster’s Millions, Dances with Wolves



David Reynolds joined Indiepay in December 2011. His background in financial control, coupled with a depth of knowledge in business management, strategy and capital markets, makes him perfectly poised to provide oversight of Indiepay’s financial operations.

Reynolds graduated from SUNY Albany and began his career in the public accounting sphere, auditing the financial services industry. A CPA and CFA charter holder, Reynolds moved on to Wall Street, where he spent the next 15 years in financial control and risk management as an investment researcher for the U.S. energy industry. Consulting work followed, including research for “Oil’s Endless Bid,” a book on the energy markets, as well as developing plans for renewable energy solutions for contractors. Outside the office, Reynolds stays busy raising his children, Jake and Jordan.

Favorite Films: High Plains Drifter, The Dark Knight & Back to The Future.