From our vantage point, we see a better way.


Indiepay looks at your production through a clearer lens and offers a streamlined and elegant way to do entertainment payroll with complications and stress left backstage.

Indiepay allows you to spend your time and creative energies on your film or television production, not your payroll.


  • We reduce entertainment production payroll costs.
  • We simplify multi-million dollar projects with easy-to-use software.
  • We provide an automated, simplified tax credit rebate program.
  • Our clients get top billing — your needs are met by a nimble and responsive team.
  • We do payroll, so you can focus on creative work.

What’s New

  • IndiePay weighs in on recent court ruling regarding Entertainment Partners. Clients, take note, IndiePay’s pricing structure remains unaffected by this ruling. Read the official court ruling here and the summary at Law 360.
  • IndiePay is happy to announce the opening of its Atlanta office. We opened our doors in early October and look forward to being a vital part of the burgeoning film and television production in Georgia. Find us at 2002 Summit Blvd., Suite 300, Atlanta, GA- 404-566-2339
  • Finn hits the billboards of Manhattan for City National Bank.
  • Finn gives nod of approval to City National Bank. See the video here.
  • CEO John Finn talks with the Independent Filmmaker Project about movies and money.
  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, IndieModel.
  • Check out our latest IndiePay Bulletin.


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